Toastmasters Presentation Mastery Icebreaker – ‘Rumbled’

Madam President, Madam Toastmaster, fellow Toastmasters and very welcome guests. By a show of hands, please let me know if you believe any of these superstitions? Do you salute magpies? Does the number 13 worry you? Do you believe in fairies? Superstition, noun - excessively credulous belief in and reverence for the supernatural.  Do I … Continue reading Toastmasters Presentation Mastery Icebreaker – ‘Rumbled’

Dynamic Leadership 5.2b – HPL 

Have you looked at Pathways and wondered what the High Performance Leadership (HPL) Project is about? Good evening Mr Toastmaster, Mr President, Fellow Toastmasters and very welcome guests. The function of the High Performance Leadership (HPL) project is to use your leadership and planning knowledge to develop a project plan, organise a guidance committee, and … Continue reading Dynamic Leadership 5.2b – HPL 

Road Space Rationing Debate

Rules:3-5 minutesProposer (me)  – 3-5 minutesOpposer – 3-5 minutesAudience – 5 minutesProposer/Opposer 1-2 minutes rebuttal and summarise points Argument:Road Space Rationing is also known as alternate-day travel, driving restriction, and no-drive days. Road Space Rationing is a travel demand management strategy that is aimed at trying to reduce urban air pollution and/or peak urban traffic, in some countries … Continue reading Road Space Rationing Debate

Dynamic Leadership 3.3 – Descriptive Language

Good evening Mr Toastmaster, Mr President, fellow Toastmasters and welcome guests.  On a beautifully balmy afternoon during a glorious childhood Summer, the flower scented air was filled with buzzing bees and brilliantly coloured butterflies. I decided to explore the neighbours fields behind our house, I had done this many times, and was allowed to do … Continue reading Dynamic Leadership 3.3 – Descriptive Language