Road Space Rationing Debate

Rules:3-5 minutesProposer (me)  – 3-5 minutesOpposer – 3-5 minutesAudience – 5 minutesProposer/Opposer 1-2 minutes rebuttal and summarise points Argument:Road Space Rationing is also known as alternate-day travel, driving restriction, and no-drive days. Road Space Rationing is a travel demand management strategy that is aimed at trying to reduce urban air pollution and/or peak urban traffic, in some countries … Continue reading Road Space Rationing Debate

Dynamic Leadership 3.3 – Descriptive Language

Good evening Mr Toastmaster, Mr President, fellow Toastmasters and welcome guests.  On a beautifully balmy afternoon during a glorious childhood Summer, the flower scented air was filled with buzzing bees and brilliantly coloured butterflies. I decided to explore the neighbours fields behind our house, I had done this many times, and was allowed to do … Continue reading Dynamic Leadership 3.3 – Descriptive Language

Dynamic Leadership 3.1 – Negotiate the Best Outcome

Somebody once said “Negotiation is not a weakness it’s a power”. I agree with this sentiment. Madam Area Director, Mr President, Mr Toastmaster, fellow Toastmasters and welcome guests. In this speech I am meant to talk about a Negotiation I have participated in or one that I will participate in. This was an interesting project … Continue reading Dynamic Leadership 3.1 – Negotiate the Best Outcome