Zoom Master

Our Club has been hosting Zoom meetings since March, due to the Pandemic that started to travel around the world in November of 2019, and that then hit our shores in the first quarter of this year (our first confirmed case was on the 29th of February 2020). This led to the new role of Zoom Master being created, the idea behind the role was that one person would deal with the technical online end of the meeting, so that members that had other roles could focus on their duties. One of our clubs co-founders, Karen, taught me how to use Zoom, as I had never used it before, and she informed me as to which features of the software would benefit our Club the best. It has been a pleasurable, fun honour for me to fulfil this role up until this stage. We have decided that it would probably be better is other people also got to try this role, and so we have added it to the list of roles that people can sign up to try.

In our Club, the Zoom Master ‘Spotlights’ the present Speaker, this means that the person stays on screen, even if someone else makes a noise or speaks, which is beneficial for those Members making Speeches or giving Reports. One of the most basic jobs in this role, is to make sure that the invitation with the correct details attached gets sent out to the Members on time. We also record our meetings, so that we can pass the videos on to the Speakers, and, if I have permission, some of the videos get posted to our YouTube Channel, or Facebook Page.

Zoom Master is not a difficult job, but, it is an enjoyable job, as it is nice to think that you are helping your fellow members and Club.

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