Thoughts on Toastmasters

This evening we are returning to our usual schedule after the Summer break, it seems like as good a time as any to write a post on my thoughts on Toastmasters after my first few months of active Membership. When I was deciding which Club to join, I attended two different Clubs as a guest to see what I thought, both Clubs meet in the same hotel on Tuesdays, but on alternative weeks. Having chosen which Club to join, I have attended every meeting since. All the Members in D.18 are incredibly friendly and nice, they have been so helpful and kind to me, as I try to find my way through Toastmasters Pathways. It has been a great Club to join and I am very pleased that I did, joining had been on my to do list for a long time. The Club Committee asked me to join the Committee as Sergeant At Arms, which I accepted, it is an enjoyable role to hold. I am two speeches in on my Dynamic Leadership Pathway. In Toastmasters, you have two threads to follow, one is your Speech Pathway and the other involves taking on various officer roles and fulfilling various duties, this is also an enjoyable part of being part of Toastmasters. So far, I have managed to take on the majority of these roles. If asked, I would suggest that people consider joining their local Toastmaster Club, as it is a beneficial activity.

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