Table Topics Master

The Topics Master picks the impromptu speaking topics and runs the Table Topics section of the evening. The idea is to help members think on their feet by speaking off the top of their heads, on subjects for 1 to 2 minutes each. It also allows speaking opportunities for guests and for those not scheduled for other roles on the Agenda.

Prior to the meeting:
Sometimes the Table Topics master might use the theme for the meeting as inspiration as to what questions they may ask, sometimes they might pick seasonal topics, and other times, they may pick whatever pops into their head. The Table Topics Master then has a list of questions to put to the group, these are usually fun, light hearted or sometimes topical subjects. You may use a theme running through them, or they can be completely unconnected. It’s up to you, the Table Topics Master. Make the topics easy for people to speak about on the spot and phrase them in an easy to understand manner. Then you get to ask for volunteers to speak, should you not get any, you can ask people to speak. It can be useful to have a ‘back up’ question, in case someone can’t answer the topic you have chosen, or they may prefer not to.

At the meeting:
Make sure the tone is kept lighthearted and fun. Call out your topic, wait for a volunteer and, then, if you don’t have a volunteer, pick someone to answer the question. The idea of this section is to get as many people involved as possible, in the time allowed. Normally Table Topics Sessions can run for 10-15 minutes.

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