Sergeant at Arms

This was the first Committee role I held, it was enjoyable and a good introduction to how the Committee works. The list below was written to remind me what the role entailed and enabled me to pass on the information to the person who replaced me the following year. The document I gave the new SAA was a lot more detailed than this, as it included all contact details and other information particular to our Club. The list below could be used with minor tweaks, by any SAA in any Club. I find for these types of documents lists of tasks helps me a great deal.

General Tasks:
Confirm room booking
Communicate on behalf of the Club with the venue staff
Ensure Club supplies

Meeting Preparation:
Set up meeting
Arrange furniture
Hand out materials
Check temperature
Ask guests to sign in
Check badges

Open meeting
Welcome everyone

Let everyone know the following things:
Please put your phones on silent
Fire exits
Parking ticket validation
Mention tea & biscuits for networking break
Energiser exercise / Riddle?
Collect ballots and count votes

After Meeting:
Restore room back to original state
Bring Club property back to check in desk and ask them to store it.
Tidy up
Remove rubbish

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