Poet Master

The role of Poet Master does not seem to be filled in all Clubs. However, we use it in our Club and it is always an interesting part of the evenings that it features. I filled the role a couple of Meetings ago for the first time, so I made a set of notes to help me try to fulfil the role properly. I have also included the poem that I used. The poem was one that popped up on my Twitter feed a couple of days before hand.

Tips for Poet Masters

Give contextual background or explanation of poems meaning if necessary
Read poem aloud during meeting
Be familiar with it, so you don’t stumble through it
No need to try and impress people with something considered highbrow
Pay attention to punctuation
Only pause if there is punctuation, line breaks do not count as punctuation
Read slowly
Use natural voice, don’t be too dramatic, don’t be monotonous, expression is ok
Enunciate carefully
Learn correct meanings and provocations of all words 
Record yourself reading it and listen back, to check speed and tone.
1-2 minutes, not a timed role

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