Meeting Roles

Toastmasters meetings have a number of roles that Members need to fill, in order for the meeting to take place. As part of your Leadership education, a number of these roles need to be completed by Level 3 of Pathways, regardless of which Path you have chosen. I have posts about all of these roles elsewhere on my blog. Please find links below.

The main Meeting roles are:
Failte Officer/ SAA – Every Meeting (Committee Role)
Toastmaster – Every Meeting
Grammarian – Every Meeting
Timekeeper – Every Meeting
Speaker – Every Meeting
Evaluator – Every Meeting
Zoom Master – Covid-19 Era Role
General Evaluator – Every Meeting
Listening Post – Every Meeting
President – Every Meeting (Committee Role)
Vice President of Education – Every Meeting (Committee Role)

Other possible Roles your Club may have:
Poet/Joke Master – Optional
Ah Counter – This role has been merged with the Grammarian role in many Clubs, ours included.

The roles that you need to complete before you finish Level 3:
Ah Counter
General Evaluator
Speech Evaluator
Table Topic Master

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