Ah Counter

The job of the Ah Counter is to keep log of distracting expressions like ‘ah’ and ‘um’, ‘you know’, as well as other crutch words. Our Club amalgamates this role with that of the Grammarian, there is a separate post on the Role of Grammarian on this Blog.

Prior to meeting
Prepare a brief report on the duties of ah counter, so that you can explain the role to the Club members.
You also need to prepare a sheet of paper to log the expressions used, I have attached my log below.

During Meeting
Introduce role of ah counter, this speech should last about 1 minute, you can use this as another opportunity to speak and to bring some of your flair to the job.
You will need to listen to everyone and keep a track of all the inappropriate filler sounds/words used by everyone speaking at the meeting.
Be sure to write down the name of each person who speaks so you can give an accurate report of non offenders as well as offenders.
Tally the counts for each speaker
Give a report when called upon.

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