A Return to Toastmasters

Last night I accidentally attended a different branch of Toastmasters than I had two weeks ago. This is because the hotel where Toastmasters have their meetings has two separate branches of Toastmasters that use the facilities. One is the Dublin 18 branch and the other is the Dublin South branch. The first meeting I attended was with Dublin 18, the second was with Dublin South. Apparently, Dublin South was the original group, but, it was so successful that they broke into two groups. Both have meetings at the same time on Tuesdays in the same hotel, the only difference being, one group’s meetings are on every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, the other group has theirs on every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. The meeting last night was the branch’s speakathon night, this meant six speeches rather than the usual four. They had a shorter Table Topics section so they could focus on the main speeches. Two of the people speaking were making their first ‘Ice Breaker’ speeches and I think they did very well. One of the other guests at the meeting was incredibly nervous but determined to beat his fear of public speaking. Maybe next week, I will get to the correct meeting.

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