Engaging Humour 1.3 – Researching & Presenting

Engaging Humour 1.3 - Research & Presenting - LOL’s through the aeons. Good evening Madam Toastmaster, Mr President, fellow Toastmasters and welcome guests ‘Always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine’ - Lord Byron As this is a speech from the Engaging Humour Pathway, I thought that I would research and present a speech … Continue reading Engaging Humour 1.3 – Researching & Presenting

Dynamic Leadership 5.2b – HPL 

Have you looked at Pathways and wondered what the High Performance Leadership (HPL) Project is about? Good evening Mr Toastmaster, Mr President, Fellow Toastmasters and very welcome guests. The function of the High Performance Leadership (HPL) project is to use your leadership and planning knowledge to develop a project plan, organise a guidance committee, and … Continue reading Dynamic Leadership 5.2b – HPL 

Pathways Project List

Active ListeningBuilding a Social Media PresenceCommunicate ChangeConnect with StorytellingConnect with Your AudienceCreate a PodcastCreating Effective Visual AidsCross-Cultural UnderstandingDeliver Social SpeechesDeliver Your Message With HumorDevelop a Communication PlanDevelop Your VisionEffective Body LanguageEngage Your Audience With HumorEthical LeadershipEvaluation and FeedbackFocus on the PositiveHigh Performance LeadershipIce BreakerImprovement Through Positive CoachingInspire Your AudienceIntroduction to Toastmasters MentoringKnow Your Sense of … Continue reading Pathways Project List

DTM – What is it and how do you earn one?

The Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award represents the highest level of educational achievement in Toastmasters. To earn the DTM, you are required to: Complete two learning paths. Serve as a club officer for 12 months, participate in the preparation of a Club Success Plan, and participate in a district-sponsored club officer training program. (If your club … Continue reading DTM – What is it and how do you earn one?